F1: Williams Unveil “Revolutionary” New Paint Scheme In Bid To Win 2020 Title

After what the team are describing as a “challenging” few seasons, Williams have already improved in 2020 by at least having a car ready for preseason testing this time. In addition to this massive step forward, Williams F1 have unveiled a new livery that they reckon will “completely solve” all the issues that have seen the team celebrate achievements like managing to only get lapped three times instead of four. 

Team Principal Claire Williams told The Waterton Sports Chronicle the team had worked tirelessly on the 2020 car’s livery. 

“Basically, we worked out that there was actually nothing wrong with the design of the car itself. Our engineers are pretty sure that they have done everything right, and it’s actually been the paintjob slowing us down this whole time. Oopsie.” she explained with a chuckle. 

“So instead of wasting time on silly things like competent design, we’ve basically just taken the 2019 car and ‘revolutionised’ the livery to maximise outcomes.” added Claire. 

“We just didn’t have enough red in the design to be honest.”. 

Claire went on to explain that the whole team is now looking forward to being back at the front of the field and taking home their first championship in 23 years.