Supercars Investigating Team Penske 2020 Livery

In mostly unsurprising news, Supercars has apparently tonight launched an inquiry into DJR Team Penske’s 2020 livery to see if they can find a reason to issue a penalty. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands that the enquiry will focus initially on the idea that the colour red automatically makes cars faster. 

“What we’re looking into is whether we might have been squawking up the wrong tree with all this downforce stuff, and maybe we should have paid more attention to their use of the colour red.” explained Paulie the Parity Pelican. 

“It was brought to our attention that Team Penske has for the last few seasons used an excessive amount of red in their liveries. And we all know red cars go faster.” continued the seabird. 

The pelican went on to explain that they’ll carry out an “extensive” pre-season test using different coloured remote control cars. 

“When.. I mean if… our investigation concludes that red is faster, we’ll definitely.. I mean.. likely issue Team Penske with a few grid penalties for Adelaide.”.