SVG Spanks Almost Everyone In Sim Race

Shane van Gisbergen is tonight talking up his chances of beating Scotty McLaughlin this year after demolishing a bunch of actual amateurs at Catalunya tonight. 

Despite being paid the big bucks, Shane only managed P4 against a determined and kind of prepared group of amateur sim racers in tonight’s Catalunya GTE race. 

“Yeah look it was a tough race, I fought my way from the back and it was really only the Fishy Motorsports car that put up any sort of fight. The rest seemed to just let me pass for some reason, but I’ll take it.” he explained. 

Shane told The Waterton Sports Chronicle the result does give him some confidence heading into the 2020 season. 

“Yeah I mean let’s be honest the Supercars series is pretty much between Scotty, Jamie, and me at this point.” he explained. 

“So it was good practice for me tonight, especially if we start copping the same kinds of penalties DJR did last year.”. 

Roland Dane told this reporter the team is currently working through footage to determine why or how Shane didn’t finish first.