Supercars: Hampton Downs Event Rebranded To “Fyre Festival 2.0” As Logistical Issues Pile Up

In a shocking announcement today, Supercars has announced that the ANZAC weekend event in New Zealand has been rebranded as Fyre Festival 2.0 after the so-called organisation lost track of just how many logistical issues it faces in trying to host the event at Hampton Downs. 

Having been caught out late last year apparently unaware just how much of a quiet, entertainment-free nation New Zealand can be, Supercars was forced to find a new venue for the Pukekohe race meeting, and after consultation with Greg Murphy, opted for Hampton Downs. 

Unfortunately it appears Supercars somehow managed yet again to not bother doing their jobs before they announced the shift to Hampton Downs. 

As a result, Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican is currently “working”, allegedly “around the clock”, to sort out how the organisation can possibly emerge from the ANZAC weekend event without making themselves look like a pack of absolute idiots. 

“Yeah look, the 20,000 spectator limit thing is a bit of an issue really. Like we’ll pretty much hit that just with all the free tickets we give to our mates. And even if we could get 20,000 people turning up at Hampton Downs, there’s nowhere for them to sit, or park their cars apparently.” explained the seabird. 

“If we’d known it’s basically a paddock with a race track and a few apartments we probably would have thought about it a bit more to be honest.”. 

“But the good news is we’ve at least secured the support of  noughties rapper Ja Rule and his mate Billy, who have agreed to help us organise the event, and have even promised to put up a bunch of their own money to run the event. In return we’ve agreed to call the event the “Fyre Festival 2.0 Hampton Downs Superfail 400.” explained Paulie.