Supercars Investigating Whether Scott McLaughlin Let Kangaroos Out

After Triple 8 failed to win the Bathurst 12 Hour race on Sunday, Supercars are reportedly having a look at whether they can pin the loss on Scott McLaughlin somehow. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands that Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican has launched the investigation after Triple 8 didn’t win the race. 

The move comes after Supercars already issued a grid penalty to Scott McLaughlin during the event for not turning up to scrutineering on time, despite the Bathurst 1000 winner and two-time Supercars champion not even participating in the event. 

“We had a report from a Triple 8 staff member that he saw Scott McLaughlin open a gate about halfway up Mountain Straight, in what the witness said was a deliberate attempt to make Triple 8 not win the race.” said Paulie. 

“He was encouraging the kangaroos out by saying ‘here Skippy, here Skippy, come on buddy, come on.’ in an overly friendly tone” Paulie continued. 

When this reporter pointed out that Scott McLaughlin wasn’t actually at the circuit for the event, because he wasn’t participating in it, Paulie shrugged it off as a “minor detail”. 

“To us it’s not really relevant whether or not he was at the circuit, the fact is Triple 8 didn’t win, and we need to do something to fix that.” the seabird explained. 

More to come.