Fernando Alonso Buys Honda Civic

In a shockingly obvious attempt to avoid unemployment, Fernando Alonso has today bought a Honda Civic Type R. 

The drama unfolded at around 10am this morning when one of The Waterton Sports Chronicle’s reporters just happened to be at a local Honda dealership. 

“Yeah it wasn’t pretty to be honest. Fernando walked into a full on wasps nest really.” said our reporter on the scene Tiffany Maximum. 

Apparently the former Formula One World Champion was greeted by a wall of angry Honda employees chanting “Not GP2 engine! Not GP2 engine!”. 

Thankfully Fernando managed to stay calm and headed for the nearest Type R, which he immediately attempted to bury in a pile of cash he earned as a result of his exceptional talents as a racing driver. 

Alonso’s display of cash seemed to make the angry Honda employees calm down a bit and they agreed to let him take the Civic. 

“He brought money, we like money, no problems now.” said a Honda representative.