Triple 8 To Sue Bathurst Kangaroos Following 12 Hour Loss

In an unprecedented but not entirely surprising move, Triple 8 has announced today that it is planning to sue the kangaroos that disrupted a practice session at the Bathurst 12 Hour event over the weekend. 

The announcement comes after a mob of three or four kangaroos decided to go for a hop around the circuit during Practice 5, causing a massive traffic jam on Mountain Straight in the process. 

“Our argument is that those kangaroos disrupted us for five minutes during that practice session, and that resulted in us not winning the 12 hour race on Sunday” said Roland Dane.

This reporter approached one of the marsupials for comment, but he was even more coy, and even less forthcoming than Ryan Story the last time Triple 8 complained about being held up at Bathurst. 

Jamie Whincup was of course more than happy to share his opinion. 

“Well yeah, it may seem like a small disruption to everyone else, but to me those kangaroos are the entire reason I was off the pace this weekend. We definitely would have won the race if it wasn’t for those kangaroos.” he explained. 

A date or location for the hearing is yet to be set, however The Waterton Sports Chronicle is reliably informed the hearing will take place in a kangaroo court.