Canto Pioneers New “Drive-Through Stewards Hearing” Approach At Bathurst 12 Hour

With the Bathurst 12 Hour race done for another year, and Channel 7 once again managing to squeeze at least 8 hours of ads into a 12 hour event, Dean Canto surely has to be the winner of the “Ace Ventura ‘Like A Glove’” award for this year. 

Like almost everyone else in the field, during qualifying Canto dropped it at McPhillamy and headed straight to the scene of the accident. Only, he turned up with a lot more flair, and aerial prowess, than the others, and in doing so secured top marks from the judging panel. 

“Yeah it was quality stuff really.” said one of the judges.

“He came into McPhillamy pretty hot and honestly we have no idea how he managed to use the tyre barrier as a halfpipe and drop the lambo down perfectly parallel to the marshall’s post. It was top shelf.”. 

When The Waterton Sports Chronicle spoke to Dean Canto, he explained that the whole thing was actually done on purpose. 

“Well, yeah, they pinged me for some track limits thing so I thought I’d head over and have a chat with them about it. I figured why not take the opportunity to wake them up with a full on Ace Ventura-style entrance.” explained Deano.