BREAKING: Supercars Issues Penalty To Scott McLaughlin For Bathurst 12 Hour “Violation”

Apparently still not over the fact Triple 8 lost again, Supercars has today decided to dish out another penalty to Scott McLaughlin, this time in the form of a grid penalty for this weekends Bathurst 12 Hour. 

The fact that Scotty isn’t even competing in the event didn’t seem to bother Supercars, who decided that his failure to turn up for scrutineering this morning warrants a penalty that will see him “start” from the back of the grid, in a race that he isn’t actually competing in. 

When The Waterton Sports Chronicle spoke to Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican, he didn’t seem to grasp the concept that it was a little bit weird to penalise a driver who’s not even competing in the event. 

“Like, Scott McLaughlin clearly would have been issued some sort of penalty if he had entered the race, so we’re just making sure we remain consistent really.” explained the seabird. 

“We’re currently investigating whether or not some of the field are disappointed he’s not racing, and if we find that he caused anyone to be upset by not being here, we’ll likely issue another penalty.”.