Every Actual Motorsport Fan Wishes Nico Rosberg Would Just Fuck Off, Study Finds.

A study carried out in a hasty fashion by Waterton University of Technology (WUT) today has determined that Nico Rosberg is a fuckwit. 

The conclusion comes after Rosberg decided once again to have a crack at the establishment of Formula One, apparently still not understanding that his entire reason for existing is dependent on Formula One. 

“I’m still driving.” Nico said as he sipped cautiously on a Heineken, and waited for his driver to bring the limo around. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle has discovered that Nico has had some kind of stroke that has caused him to think that it’s a good idea for Formula One and Formula E to somehow merge into some kind of virtue signalling, Greta Thunberg-placating, click-frenzy inducing shitstorm that pleases absolutely noone. 

WUT Professor of History John Dick-Wittery explained to this reporter that the vast majority of the world’s population have no idea who Nico Rosberg is. He went on to explain that those that do know who he is would prefer not to have to speak of him ever again, yeah.