NRL Player Shocks Everyone, Including Himself, By Being A Dick In The Offseason

Literally shocking scenes have unfolded in Sydney overnight as an NRL player has apparently behaved like a bit of a dick. 

The drama unfolded after Curtis Scott, who, like most people with nothing better to do, recently turned up in Canberra looking for a job that pays way more than it should, decided to head to the big smoke (Sydney) for “a few quiet drinks with a couple of mates”. 

For some unknown reason, a few quiet drinks ended up with Scott barely conscious while trying to befriend the local pigeons and bin chickens in the Moore Park parklands. 

Unfortunately for Curtis, his attempts to catch an unsuspecting pigeon caught the attention of the local constabulary.

The Waterton Sports Chronicle spoke to Constable Tenpenny, who explained that they were left with no choice but to taser the big unit after he refused to stop chasing the local wildlife. 

“It was pretty intense really” said Constable Tenpenny. 

“He kept going on about how resourceful bin chickens are”. 

“We were left with no choice but to taser the big unit after all the wildlife flew away” the Constable explained.