Chaz Mostert Goes 24 Hours Without Crashing Into Someone

The motorsport world is congratulating Chaz Mostert today after he managed to get through a full day without crashing into anyone, not even a team mate. 

The news comes after Chaz spent much of the 2019 Supercars season ruining the hopes and dreams of anyone he got within half a kilometre of on the racetrack with his Xbox-style kamikaze approach to racing. 

Speaking to The Waterton Sports Chronicle from Daytona after claiming a category win, Mostert told this reporter he was surprised to learn that not crashing into other cars at random is actually quite a strong strategy. 

“Yeah I was a bit surprised to learn that, to be honest.” he said. 

“It turns out that just passing people cleanly is a bit better than punting them off.” he elaborated, as he fiddled with his new Rolex. 

Mostert said he was thinking about trying out the new strategy at the Supercars season-opener in Adelaide. 

“But we’ll go through the data first and make sure it is the best approach”.