Spectator Turns Up At A-League Game

Shocking scenes transpired at an A-League soccer match on Sunday, with a spectator actually arriving at the venue, reportedly wanting to watch the game. 

The incident apparently unfolded at Western Sydney’s BankWest Stadium around 7.20pm on Sunday when a local man approached the gates and tried to enter the venue. 

A spokesperson for the A-League told The Waterton Sports Chronicle it had been so long since anyone had actually turned up to watch a game that no one at the venue really knew how to deal with it. 

“Luckily, after a few minutes of hunting around, we found someone who’s been around long enough to remember what spectators are, and he let us know that the generally accepted thing to do when spectators turn up to watch a game is to sell them a ticket and let them sit and watch the game/” 

The spokesperson went on to explain that they’re looking at maybe setting up a food truck or something in case some of the man’s mates turn up next week.