Supercars Investigating Barramundi Mark Winterbottom Caught Yesterday

The Waterton Sports Chronicle has learned that Supercars may have launched an investigation relating to a barramundi allegedly reeled in by Mark Winterbottom while the Team 18 driver was out fishing yesterday. 

Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican confirmed the so-called organisation is looking into the incident. 

“We’re just a bit concerned that Frosty might have caused unnecessary stress and harm to the mental well-being of the fish’s family.” explained the seabird. 

“Specifically, we’re investigating reports Frosty may not have gained the consent of the fish before catching it, as well as suspected destruction of evidence.”. 

When this reporter went in search of the barramundi for comment, Frosty explained that it was a bit late. 

“Nah mate, it’s gone. A squeeze of lemon, bit of butter. Wrap it in tinfoil and chuck it on the barbie for a few minutes. Perfecto!” he explained.