Richie Stanaway Lands New Supercars Media Engagement Role

Following a successful couple of years endearing himself to fans, teams, and media with his effervescent and unshakably warm personality, Richie Stanaway has apparently been appointed to a newly-created coaching role within the Supercars “organisation”. 

According to reports, Stanaway’s new role will see him tasked with teaching other Supercars drivers how to conduct pre and post-race interviews without coming across as a complete spanner, as well as the importance of turning up to fan signing sessions and the possible ramifications of not turning up. 

“While his on-track performances could have been better, off-track he’s a bloody genius!” said Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican. 

“He’s proven himself an expert at the brooding, I don’t really want to be here but I am, teenage angst approach to being a racing driver. Basically he was the Kristen Stewart of Supercars.” added Paulie. 

Paulie went on to explain that Supercars reckons Stanaway could replicate some of the success of the Twilight series by getting Stanaway to teach drivers like McLaughlin, SVG, and Lowndes to be more pissed off about life. 

“Hopefully he can help the drivers to attract more of the lucrative emo market.”.