AB de Villiers Adds South African Choking Experience To Heat Line-Up

After a worryingly positive start against the Strikers, the Brisbane Heat have been impressed with how quickly and effectively AB has taught the team how to completely capitulate from a strong position in limited overs matches. 

Harnessing the spirit of iconic moments such as the back to back World Cup Semi Final chokes in 99 and 03, AB has helped inspire Brisbane to post successive totals of 100 and 120 chasing very conservative targets. 

Things really took an impressive step on Sunday against the Renegades, who had spent the start of the season getting beaten so hard by the entire competition Chris Brown started feeling sorry for them. Strolling out at 0/80-odd AB gave it the old “watch this boys” as his stint at the crease resembled Grandpa Simpson visiting a house of ill repute. 

Speaking to The Waterton Sports Chronicle from a fine dining “experience” (restaurant) somewhere in Brisbane CBD, AB told this reporter he wasn’t really worried about the whole cricket thing. 

“I’m pretty keen to just take in some of the sights of Queensland and maybe other parts if they stop burning while I’m still here.” he explained. 

“How many did I get today? 2 or 3?” he asked Baz, before the discussion turned to how good the lobster bisque was.