Williams F1 Team Sweating Even More Than Usual After Losing Major Sponsor

With the news that Williams F1 Team has lost yet another sponsor, the team is looking likely to stink even more this season than the putrid, stench of death, efforts emanating from the outfit over the last few years. 

The Rexona deal obviously helped to mask the stench pretty well as the entire team tore through the deodorant and antiperspirant products in an effort to keep the profuse sweating to an even slightly socially acceptable level as they worked feverishly to come up with a car that has at least as much downforce as a Stadium SuperTruck. 

In her standard “meh my dad owns the team, what do I care lol” approach, Team Principal Claire Williams was typically unfazed by the whole situation when she spoke to The Waterton Sports Chronicle. 

“Everything is fine, hehe.” she explained. 

“We’re just super happy to be here really. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend their life burning through daddy’s cash, travelling the world, and hanging out with famous people?”. 

Claire went on to joke that at least this season both their drivers have two working hands.