BBL: Brisbane Heat Decide Mid-Game It’s Better If They Just Lose

In yet another massive capitulation, the Brisbane Heat have tonight taken yet another step closer to their ultimate goal of smashing records at the wrong end of the competition. 

After ending up on 0/84 after the Powerplay, Chris Lynn obviously remembered he had somewhere else to be and handed over the job of finishing off the game to AB de Villiers, who quickly remembered he had a 9pm reservation at one of Brisbane’s finest fine dining “experiences”, and headed off after just his second ball. 

It’s absolutely fine though, because what transpired over the next hour cements the Brisbane Heat as the record-holders of the absolute worst batting collapse in the entire history of the Big Bash League. 

Speaking to his old mate Baz McCullum, James Brayshaw, and a Cheshire Cat some have identified as Ricky Ponting after the match, Chris Lynn explained that while he’s disappointed in losing the match, at least they put another record on the board. 

“Yeah we were pretty sure we’d go OK against the bottom of the table team to be honest. Maybe for the next game we should tell the boys to try hitting the ball, see if that makes a difference.”.

“At least we nailed another record though.”, said Lynn. 
Lynn had to end the interview before The Waterton Sports Chronicle had a chance to ask any more questions. Apparently he was hoping to catch a ride with Baz to that dinner date with AB.