International News Media Loses Interest In HK Protests

After absolutely smashing their clickthrough-rate (CTR) targets in the early months of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, the world’s media has for “some” reason decided not to bother reporting anything at all about the ongoing protests in the troubled former British colony. 

The Waterton Daily Chronicle spoke to raging leftie Eric, who told this reporter everything went really quiet as soon as footage of local Hong Kong people waving USA flags and chanting pro-Trump stuff went global. 

“I think the media thought everyone was all antifa and stuff.” said someone who can never be identified because if identified the Chinese government will kill them. 

“It turns out people only care about issues if we tell them to.” said Rupert. 

He went on to explain that the organisation followed the story for a few weeks but ultimately the clicks weren’t cutting it. 

“If it doesn’t make money, what even is the point?” he added.