Supercars “Looking For IndyCar Opportunities” For Nick Percat In Attempt To Stop Him Crying

Reports are flooding in that the pelicans at Supercars are currently looking for ways to stop Nick Percat crying after the quasi-Bathurst winner was left inconsolable by Scott McLaughlin’s recent successful IndyCar test. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands that things became a bit too much for Nick after hearing the news that Scotty might even get a race start in IndyCar this year. 

“But, but.. It’s not fair!” Percat was heard screeching at his mum. 

“I want an IndyCar seat too mummy! And I want it now!” he added. 

After Nick’s mum’s attempts to calm him down failed, Supercars’ Head of Parity and newly-appointed Head of Equality Of Outcome Paulie the Parity Pelican stepped in and took the drastic measure of seeing if there was anything in the rules they could use to make Scotty give up the IndyCar seat to Percat. 

“We’re pretty sure we’ll find a good reason to give Nick the seat.” said the pelican. 

“And if we don’t, we can always just make up a new reason anyway, hehe.” he added.