Stephen King’s Next Smash Hit To Be About SJW Zombies

Following getting swarmed by the same angry SJWs Ricky Gervais had to deal with last week, Stephen King has announced today that his next bestseller will be a semi-autobiographical novel about a horde of brain-dead former humans attacking a successful artist who happens to be a white man for expressing an opinion about how to be successful as an artist. 

The prolific author told The Waterton Daily Chronicle he already has several film studios trying to buy the rights to the movie, with the working title rumored to be “They Only Come Out On Twitter”.

“Literally all I said was that maybe if people want to make money as artists, they need to be good at art.” said King. 

King went on to explain that unfortunately his new film won’t be particularly “diverse” either. 

“Well, honestly, the Social Justice Warriors attacking me are mostly virtue signalling inner-city rich white people. So we need to correctly reflect that in the film.” he explained. 

“Eeeeeeee, rraaarrrrrr Stephen King bad, eeeeee!” a local zombie told this reporter when asked for comment.