Man With 3 Twitter Followers Has Crack At Scotty McLaughlin For Not Doing Enough For Bushfires

Ian from Twitter is hopefully regretting his attempt at shaming a trans-Tasman legend tonight after having a crack at Scott McLaughlin for “only” donating a helmet for the bushfire appeal. 

Ian, twitter handle @Ian63506160, decided for some reason it was a good idea to call out a person who had just pledged a helmet and $46,000 of his own money to go with the $46,000 raised for the helmet itself. 

“PATHETIC” said Ian from Twitter. 

When The Waterton Sports Chronicle approached Ian for comment he ran away. He was found a few minutes later tweeting from his mum’s car. 

“It’s non ov ur bizness hw mch Iv don8td @WatertonChroni1 #shutup” he said, in a now deleted tweet. 

Ian’s mum told this reporter Ian is not allowed to speak to strangers.