Supercars Asks Greg Murphy Where Exactly Hampton Downs Is

Following the news that Supercars has had to move it’s New Zealand event from Pukekohe to Hampton Downs because someone didn’t bother to check whether the event was legal or not, The alleged organisation has reportedly sought advice from Greg Murphy as to where exactly Hampton Downs is. 

“Yeah, look, we were a bit confused about the whole thing to be honest. We know New Zealand is a place, we know where Pukekohe is too. And we kind of vaguely remember Hamilton.” explained Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican. 

After spending at least twenty minutes on Google Maps, but ultimately getting distracted looking for reasons to penalise Scott McLaughlin for his IndyCar test, Paulie psycho-dialled Greg Murphy 26 times, until Murph finally answered. 

“Mate, where is this Hampton Downs place?” Paulie asked. 

“Bro, it’s far enough away from Auckland that most of the wankers won’t bother turning up, and not close enough to Hamilton for chlamydia to be a concern.” said Murph, reassuringly. 

“Is it near that volcano?” asked the nervous pelican. 

“The whole country is volcanoes bro.” said Murph. 

“Alright. Hampton Downs it is then.” said Paulie.