President Trump “Should Have Been More Tolerant” Of Iranian Terrorist, Says Ocasio-Cortez

Democrat Congresswoman and raging Marxist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has today ramped up her twitter war with President Trump, this time suggesting he should have been more tolerant and accepting of Major General Soleimani blowing up embassies, attacking civilian ships, killing thousands of Iranian civilians, and firing rockets at Iraqi military bases. 

In what she’s calling a “statement’ but is actually just a rant on Twitter, AOC basically said the USA should really have just let the brutal warlord keep trying to kill Iraqis and Americans because he’s not a white man. 

“Like, sure, if he was a rich white man, I’d be all for it (the drone attack). But, like, like, he was brown. And, like, brown people are oppressed, like, so that’s like, why he killed people, and stuff.” she told The Waterton Daily Chronicle. 

AOC went on to explain that Trump’s drone strike was “deeply racist” and “just, like, another example of, like, toxic masculinity and like the patriarchy and stuff.”.