Supercars Looking At Scott McLaughlin’s 2019 Helmet Designs

Reports are coming in that Supercars are apparently now looking at whether the helmet designs used by Scott McLaughlin last year might have breached “diversity and equality” rules. 

Paulie the Parity Pelican told The Waterton Sports Chronicle an investigation was underway to determine whether the colours used on Scotty’s helmets in 2019 might have been deemed offensive by someone, anyone, somewhere, anywhere. 

“We’re particularly interested in the use of yellow on his helmets.” squawked the seabird. 

The pelican told this reporter the so-called ‘organisation’ is hoping that Scotty’s predominantly yellow helmet designs might have offended someone within the lucrative Asian market. 

Paulie went on to explain that if anyone was offended by the colour of Scotty’s helmets last year they should complain to Supercars so that the 2019 Championship can be “brought back home to Triple 8, where it belongs”. 

More to come.