Unlocateable Debris Holds Up Donation Of Coulthard’s Race Suit

Following Scotty McLaughlin’s once again champion effort in raising a pile of money for the bushfire recovery effort, Team Penske has today decided to add more cash to the pile by auctioning off Fabian Coulthard’s Bathurst-attending race suit on social media. 

However the campaign has not been without drama from the outset, apparently hitting a snag towards the end of the upload process when someone in the team told Fabian’s side of the garage to put the brakes on the whole thing after they apparently noticed some “deb-riss” (debris for those of us that can read) somewhere on the suit. 

Team boss Ryan Story was coy when asked about the incident. 

“We’re not sure where the debris is, but we’re pretty sure it’s there somewhere.” he told this reporter.

Story went on to explain that once Scotty’s own campaign was far enough ahead, they’d get Fabs’ effort back up to speed.