Supercars: Team Sydney To Focus On Mardi Gras Entry

In a developing story emerging this morning, The Waterton Sports Chronicle has learned that efforts to get “new” Supercars outfit Team Sydney up and running and operating out of a shiny new base at Sydney Motorsport Park for the 2020 season have hit a major snag. 

After months of fighting like petulant children over who gets to go in the front seat of the operation, the team owners have apparently thrown a full scale hissy fit and stomped off to their rooms, where they are currently talking to themselves about how unfair life is, and how mean everyone is.

A spokesperson for the outfit told The Waterton Sports Chronicle they are looking on the bright side.

“At least we can focus on finishing off the float for this years Mardi Gras now.” explained the spokesperson. 

“To be honest, we were a bit over pouring buckets of cash into Supercars only to turn up and trundle around the back of the field every weekend. At least with the Mardi Gras entry we might actually get some TV exposure.”. 

Apparently the float is coming along nicely, and the team is well on track to be ready for the parade at the end of February. 

More to come.