BBL: Brisbane Heat Top Order Adopt The Black Caps Approach To Batting

Just when Brisbane Heat fans thought they might be supporting a decent team, the top order apparently decided to adopt the recent learnings of the New Zealand test team, with depressingly hilarious results.

After keeping Hobart to what was at the time looking like an absolute rubbish 126 in the first innings, the Heat clearly adopted the Kiwi approach of not actually looking at the ball and just kinda hoping for the best really.

For some unknown reason, the approach didn’t work particularly well this time either.

Speaking to The Waterton Sports Chronicle from Bondi, where he is still allegedly recovering from “food poisoning”, Black Caps captain Kane Williamson said he was proud of the Heat’s approach.

“They executed the plan really well.” he said.

“If Cutting hadn’t come in and started actually hitting the ball the whole thing would have been perfectly done.” he added.