Trump Family Cat’s Escape Attempt Foiled By Unexpected Lunge

Dramatic scenes are unfolding on the White House lawn this afternoon as the family cat has evidently had pretty much enough. 

First Cat Stormy quietly put up with all the drama surrounding her food provider’s ties with Russia. She even tolerated him insisting on staying up into the early hours to rant on Twitter about how mean Nancy Pelosi is. And she stayed quietly curled up in front of the fire even when her food provider was being pointlessly impeached. 

The final straw came for Stormy, however, when her food provider, who she affectionately calls “Supple Paws”, picked a fight with Iran. 

“Nah, not keen.” thought Stormy just before she jumped out a carelessly left open window and made her way across the lawn. 

Unfortunately for Stormy, the self-proclaimed king of pussy-grabbing just happened to be on the lawn having a sneaky smoke while waiting to see if any missiles turn up from Iran. 

“Come on Stormy, back inside. Oh you’re the best pussy. The greatest pussy.” cooed President Trump.