Supercars To Investigate McLaughlin Bushfire Donations

Reports are coming in that Supercars are apparently looking at penalising Scott McLaughlin for winning at life again. 

The news comes as the two-time champion and Bathurst winner once again makes the rest of the Supercars field look a bit silly by managing to raise somewhere near $50,000 in a few days simply by auctioning off his sweaty old 2017 helmet and race suit. 

Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican told The Waterton Sports Chronicle it was bad enough that McLaughlin had made the other drivers feel bad by coming up with the whole donation idea, but what he did next was “simply outrageous”. 

“He actually offered to match the final sale price with his own money. Ridiculous” squawked the seabird. 

“Clearly he has too much money, and he’s upsetting people like Nick Percat and Scott Pye again, which we won’t tolerate” added Paulie. 

The pelican also told this reporter he is likely to investigate all-round good guy Thomas Randle for the same “parity issue”.