Nick Percat Has A Cry About Scotty’s Donations, Looks For Something To Auction

Following the news that Scott McLaughlin is about to dish out close enough to $50,000 of his own money to help with the bushfires, Nick Percat, who won Bathurst back in the day as passenger, sorry, co-driver, to Garth Tander, is apparently turning his place upside down searching for something memorable to put on social media. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle has learned that he’s so far come up with a couple of Formula Ford trophies from the early noughties, a box of by now very sour grapes that he was planning on sending to Scott McLaughlin, and a hat signed by Craig Lowndes.

Apparently Garth isn’t that keen on auctioning off his Bathurst trophy, so Nick is probably limited to hawking some merchandise that was rendered completely irrelevant as soon as that particular race meeting ended, as BJR hurtle uncontrollably towards the end of the sponsor list. 

Nick’s mate Scott Pye apparently wasn’t much help with the memorabilia either.  

More to come.