Supercars Considers Just Giving Up

In what is probably not that surprising to most, Supercars has woken up this morning and had a bit of a think about whether the whole thing is even worth bothering with anymore, apparently. 

Just as the dust appeared to be settling and the angry mobs dispersed after the 2019 season became less about racing cars and more about making sure no one was offended by their team getting beaten, the lead up to the 2020 season has thrown a few more spanners in the works. 

This unfortunately comes at a time when Supercars already has plenty of tools in the machine.. 

Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican explained the latest issues faced by the organisation to The Waterton Sports Chronicle this morning. 

“Basically, we thought we’d come through 2019 looking pretty good, all things considered. Our people were pretty happy when Triple 8 started winning again, which is nice.”.

“However, then we had the whole problem of Scotty (McLaughlin) making our unmarried drivers feel bad again by getting married.” the seabird continued. 

“Then Chaz (Mostert) ruined any chance of him ever winning again by switching to Walkinshaw.”.

“Then Kelly Racing made a whole bunch of Holden fans cry by switching to Mustangs.” 

“And now in all likelihood we’re going to have to deal with a horde of really loud greenies blaming us for causing the bushfires, or saying no one is allowed to have fun anymore.” he sighed. 

“It’s probably just easier for everyone if we go find something else to do.”