Supercars: Tekno Quietly Hoping The Angry Mob Doesn’t Find Out About Government Money

Reports are coming in that Tekno Autosports are busily setting up defensive Tecpro barricades around their new factory at Sydney Motorsport Park just in case the angry mobs roaming around on social media find out that the NSW government gave them a bit of money for their silly racing car caper. 

Speaking from an undisclosed location somewhere in the team precinct, owner Jonathan Webb told this reporter he was “reasonably confident” the angry mob wouldn’t stop screeching about the Prime Minister long enough to notice the team’s arrangement with the state government, but was nonetheless taking steps to prepare. 

“You never know mate. They’re all pretty distracted by the Scomo thing at the moment, but it would only take one or two of them posting some wildly exaggerated claim about how the money we got from the government could have been used to stop the fires, and we’d have a bunch of crazies out the front yelling at us.” he explained. 

“Besides, the way things are with Supercars these days, we’re pretty sure they’d probably go after Penske first to be honest.” he added. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands that Nick Percat was seen leaving the compound this morning, after he’d apparently dropped in just to tell everyone how he won Bathurst once back in the day.