Entire Australian News Media Bans Reporting On Arson To Avoid Straying From The Narrative

Mainstream media in Australia has jointly decided that with immediate effect it will not be reporting anything to do with the 50+ people that have so far been arrested and charged with arson relating to the bushfire catastrophe in Australia. 

Head of Propaganda at the ABC, Wally the Wombat told The Waterton Political Chronicle the drastic measure comes as some people displayed a “distinct lack of groupthink” and “an unacceptable ability to think critically” when they started thinking maybe the fact so many of the fires raging around Australia were deliberately lit might have contributed a bit to the situation we find ourselves in now. 

“We really don’t want people thinking anything other than this situation is a direct result of climate change.” added Wally. 

“And climate change is a direct result of Scomo.” he added. 

Conveniently for the news media, Scomo has been prancing around like an absolute pelican since being extradited back to Australia from Hawaii, making it a lot easier to assemble angry mobs on social media and take the heat off the arsonists.  

“Yeah, he’s made our job and entirely partisan political agenda pretty easy really.” sniggered the cheeky marsupial. 

He went on to say that if Bill Shorten had actually won the “unloseable” election, they’d definitely be blaming the current situation on the hordes of pyromaniacs out there lighting fires.