Waterton Scientists Shocking Discovery About T-Rex

A Waterton University of Technology (WUT) scientist has discovered a shocking link between everyone’s favourite anti-vegan and the humble kangaroo. 

Professor Frank Krakhed explained to The Waterton Political Chronicle that he had successfully applied for $50 million in government funding a few years ago after listening to a Joe Rogan podcast where Joe speculated that Tyrannosaurus-Rex “is really just a big kangaroo, man.”. 

“I’m pretty sure they’re related. Jamie pull up ‘kangaroo is small t-rex’.” said Joe. 

“His hypothesis was really interesting to me. I mean on the face of it, Joe seemed to be onto something. Even without an extensive, and expensive, study like the one we have just completed, a simple analysis of how kangaroos look and function shows there’s clearly some kind of link between the two.” explained the Professor. 

Three years after the study began, Professor Krakhed announced this morning that in his expert opinion kangaroos evolved directly from T-Rexes around 65 million years ago. He told this reporter that his study showed that both had big strong legs, a long tail, and cute little arms. 

“They also both have teeth and breathe oxygen. And they look kinda the same.” he added.