NZ Cricket Team Calls In Sick, Heads To Beach

Like many Kiwis before them who come to work in Australia, it hasn’t taken long for some of the Kiwi cricketers to give in to the temptation of pulling a bit of a sickie when they can’t be bothered turning up for work. 

Henry Nicholls, Mitch Santner and Kane Williamson decided they’d had about enough of getting flogged by the Aussies and decided to give themselves a few days of R&R on Bondi Beach. 

In the case of Mitch Santner, The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands he’ll probably just stay here after the test series ends in the next couple of days after his efforts in the first two test matches. 

“I was trying really hard to get a century with the ball, but just missed out unfortunately” Santner explained. 

“At least my economy rate for the series is higher than my batting average now, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.” he added. 

The Kiwis are hoping their hastily put-together strategy of putting four wicket keepers on the field might help them actually get some wickets in this one.