NZ Cricket Recalls A Couple Of Veterans “Just In Case”

Reports are coming in that NZ Cricket is working behind the scenes to prepare just in case anyone else in the starting lineup decides to pull a sickie in the next couple of days. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands that 1980s legends Ian Smith and Richard Hadlee are currently making their way to the SCG for an afternoon nets session ahead of a possible appearance tomorrow. Speaking from his prime spot on Bondi Beach, Captain Kane Williamson said the team was a little worried about the duo’s preparedness but was philosophical about the situation. 

“They were both pretty good in their day. Smithie will bring an added wicket-taking option as our fifth keeper on the field. And maybe Sir Richard (Hadlee) might be able to actually get one or two of the Aussies out.” he explained. 

It remains to be seen if NZ will even get a chance to bat at this stage. 

More to come.