Chaz Mostert Bumps Into Cam Waters Again

Reports are coming in that Chaz Mostert may have once again ruined Cam Waters’ day by turning up to the same piece of real estate unannounced. 

The incident allegedly unfolded as the pair were separately making their way to the early fireworks display in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. 

Not keen on hanging around in the mid-pack, Chaz apparently went for a lunge down the inside of Cam in the queue for the normally deserted pub The Flog & Pelican, with no plan other than “I just want to be in front of him”. 

As usual, the move by Chaz resulted in nothing more than absolute carnage. 

Thankfully for everyone on the scene, Nick Percat emerged out of nowhere and after telling everyone how he won Bathurst once, managed to calm the situation by escorting Chaz to a pub far far away from Cam. 

More to come.