Kiwis Not Worried About Smoke Haze For Third Test In Sydney

After getting utterly spanked in the first two tests of the summer series, the Kiwi squad is not that fazed by the prospect of playing in reduced visibility in Sydney next week. 

“I mean it’s not like we can see the ball anyway.” said Captain Kane Williamson. 

“We’ll go into the third test confident that we’ve had a bit more practice than the Aussies at just randomly swinging the bat and hoping for the best.” he added. 

New Zealand batting coach Blindy the Mole told this reporter he was looking forward to the top order being able to put into practice the skills they’d been working on since the World Cup. 

“Yeah, look, we’ve been working on techniques over the last few months that are more sensitive to the blind community, following advice from Jacinda Ardern’s regime, I mean government. It’ll be nice to showcase our new approach in a real-world situation in Sydney.” he explained. 

This reporter has learned that the Australian side are looking into whether they maybe put little bells on the balls to make it a bit easier for the Kiwis to put some runs on the board.