Lewis Hamilton Washes Away The Haters By Swimming In Giant Pool Of His Own Cash And Trophies

Six-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton has spent the day washing away the stench of people hating on him by swimming in a giant pool of his own cash and trophies, The Chronicle can report. 

The news comes as the pretty good driver and aspiring rap god proved once again this season that he is pretty good at this whole racing caper. 

After years of copping the old “oh he’s just always been in the best car, even Maldonado could have won in a Mercedes” from people who’ve turned up to F1 in the post-earplugs era, Hamilton wasted no time in filling up one of his swimming pools with some of his cash and a few of his trophies and having a bit of a paddle. 

According to our reporter on the scene, Hamilton didn’t hesitate to have a go at diving to the bottom of all his cash to try to retrieve one of his 84 race-win trophies. 

“He did struggle a bit to decide which one to pick up, and there was so much cash in the pool he was struggling to distinguish the winning trophies from the lowly podium ones” said our reporter.