Victoria Police Chief Officer Barbrady Arrests Family Members Of Bashed Grandad

In an apparent attempt to stop all this “racist” talk about gangs of teenagers who happen to not be white going around bashing random strangers to death, Victoria Police Chief Officer Barbrady has today stopped the racism by arresting four family members after they dared to confront the gang of thugs over beating their grandfather to death. 

Speaking from the scene of another home invasion that the media is not allowed to report, Officer Barbrady told this reporter once again there is nothing to see here. 

“I told you the other day mate, what you’re doing is racist. If they were white, sure I’d be throwing the book at them. But they don’t know any better.” he explained. 

“Whereas, these poor innocent young African men who grew up in Australia deserve our sympathy and tolerance if they want to roam the streets looking for people to beat up, or if they want to try out someone else’s car.” he added, concerningly. 

Officer Barbrady went on to explain that the family members would be detained pending further investigations, while the accused that they arrested shortly after the incident has been released on bail. 

“Well, we had to release him really. It would have been racist not to.” said Officer Barbrady.