Waterton Man Not Coping Well With Motorsport Offseason

Dramatic scenes have unfolded in a Waterton Mews home this morning after a local man cracked under the pressure of not getting his fix of motorsport action. 

The incident unfolded when family members became concerned late on Christmas Day after the normally rational man, who The Chronicle has chosen to call Bryan, started watching a replay of some random A League soccer game. 

“We just didn’t expect it to set in this early” said a family spokesperson. 

“Normally he copes pretty well until at least late January, and then the Bathurst 12 Hour comes along and that gets him through to Adelaide. For him to start watching soccer this early, he must be really suffering.” she added. 

The Chronicle understands Bryan is working through the withdrawal process with a carefully administered schedule of YouTube videos. 

“He seems to respond really well to the ‘Bathurst Moments’ ones.” she added.