Barnaby Joyce Remembers His Job, Has Another Frothy

Following a bit of a feed and a few tentative sips of Powerade, Barnaby has apparently remembered what his job is. 

The former Deputy PM, Kiwi, and husband has spent the morning trying to pretend he didn’t actually make a video ranting about climate change, God, and how tough it is to get paid $200,000 a year by the government, and share it with his 94,000 Twitter followers.

Thankfully, old mate Barnaby has started showing signs that he might be beginning to remember at least some details around what he does for a job. 

“Oh fuck” he said earlier this morning as he stumbled across his own tweet. 

Just as he got to the bit where he says he’s sick of the “gummint”, he was rudely interrupted by said gummint, in the form of recently recaptured Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

The Chronicle understands Scomo’s advice was to hit the beers again, apparently in the hope that Barnaby’s next tweet will distract people long enough that they forget all about the whole Hawaii thing.