Barnaby Asks His Sky Friend To Sort Out Epic Hangover

Former Deputy PM and current “David Hasselhoff of Australia” Barnaby Joyce has finally emerged from a wild few days of spreading Christmas cheer and demolishing a few slabs of XXXX, and man does he have quite the hangover to deal with. 

The news comes following Barnaby’s slightly ill-advised decision to hit the beersies and share a video of himself having a massive rant about sky people, climate change, and how he wishes his employer would just bugger off. 

To Barnaby’s credit, at least he’s found a use for the sky friend this morning. The former man-about-town reportedly rolled off his couch at around 6am this morning, pressed his palms together and sent a heartfelt request for help to his mate up in the sky. 

“Mate, if you could just maybe get rid of this massive headache and maybe ask Vikki and Scomo to stop being mad at me?” he apparently whispered. 

At time of press, it’s unclear whether his sky friend is planning on helping out. 

“He’s probably busy watching everything burn.” Barnaby told this reporter.