Waterton Man Invests In Second Hand Thrustmaster Wheel For His Forza “Sim” Setup

A Waterton man has today gone behind his wife’s back and picked up a secondhand Thrustmaster steering wheel off Gumtree for his Xbox Forza Motorsport “simulator” setup, witnesses report. 

The incident apparently occurred after Waterton resident and self-proclaimed “Modern day Enforcer” Lachie Brayke-Kellipa (28) managed to get through the 300 miles of Sebring race on Forza 7 without falling asleep at the “wheel” (controller) somehow. 

“Oh it was a tough race mate. I used to run on Medium difficulty, but I played with it a bit before the race and ended up on Hard.” he told The Waterton Chronicle. 

Lachie told this reporter that it was a bit tough keeping up at first, but once he turned the racing line and ABS assists back on he managed to make up a few places. 

“The AI is brutal on Hard, man. It’s really realistic.” he explained. 

Sources close to Lachie told this reporter that after finishing P5 in the Sebring race, Lachie wouldn’t shut up about “completing his simulator setup” – which currently consists of an Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 7, a Forza Motorsport Xbox controller, a “racing seat” fashioned from plywood and foam off an old couch, and a coffee table – with the addition of a wheel and pedals. 

“He wouldn’t stop going on about how he could be the next big thing in Supercars” said the source. 

“So he found this Thrustmaster wheel on Gumtree going for $80. It even came in the original box. And there’s surprisingly not that much slimy skin buildup on the wheel itself, which is nice.” the source, who is definitely not Lachie’s mate Damo, added.