Supercars: Revealed – What Triple 8 Asked Santa For

The Waterton Chronicle can today reveal what the Triple 8 “Holden” Racing Team wants the most for Christmas, and it’s not really that surprising to be honest. 

After a year of controversy caused mostly by Triple 8 not coping at all well with actually having to work for wins instead of just turning up and being quicker than everyone else, the number one request on the team’s letter to Santa is for Roger Penske to go and find somewhere else to spend his money so that Triple 8 can go back to demolishing the poor teams, like the good old days. 

It’s a sentiment shared by Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican, who told this reporter he’d really like to go back to the pre-Penske days when his job consisted of not much more than making sure new manufacturer entries Volvo and Nissan couldn’t get anywhere near winning anything. 

“To be fair Scott McLaughlin had his moments in that Volvo that made my job more difficult than it had to be. But in the end, Volvo made the right choice by leaving Triple 8, I mean us, to it” squawked the seabird. 

A spokesperson for Triple 8 confirmed they were hoping Santa would read their list  and give them what they want come Christmas Morning. 

“It would be great if Penske could just bugger off so we can go back to winning everything without all the drama of having to actually try” he said.