Formula E Introduces New Crowd Rules

Almost a month after the actual circus that pops up unannounced in a random field without anyone noticing it that is Formula E finished up a largely unheard and unseen race in the bastion of tolerance and equality that is Saudi Arabia, organisers have reportedly introduced a new rule for the crowd in all future races. 

In a desperate bid to combat unruly spectators who drown out the noise of the cars with their normal speaking voices, Formula E has announced that from the next race in Santiago, spectators will be required to shut up during all practice, qualifying and race sessions.

Formula E’s Head of Driver Rights Wally the Wokeness Wombat told this reporter the measures were introduced after the washed up drivers that couldn’t deal with proper categories complained that the noise of the crowd was distracting them on track. 

“Some of the drivers were complaining that people in the crowd were saying mean things to them as they lapped the circuits. And they got a bit offended by some of the comments and ended up crashing because they couldn’t believe how mean people can be.” Wally explained.

“So from Santiago onwards we’ll be deploying umpires and a beefed up PA system around the tracks to warn the crowds to be silent during all on-track sessions”. 

He added that anyone caught speaking during on-track sessions would face a lifetime ban.