Red Bull “Holden” Racing Team To Try Shock Performance Enhancement In 2020

Inspired by a walk through the Newcastle Supercars carpark, and no doubt only slightly before Holden dealers give up and do it themselves, Roland Dane has suggested they will try running the 2020 cars with the Chevrolet bowtie up front. 

“Consulting some of our dentally challenged fans, it seems the general consensus is a Chevy badge up front should add a good 50hp under the bonnet. So if we combine that with some other questionable parity measures we should be able to get one up on the Mustang” 

“Our only concern” he lamented “is that we don’t have a Buick V6 under the bonnet to really get the best out of the completely unrelated badge”

Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican was all for the change, telling The Waterton Chronicle he’s been trying for years to get Roland to sign up to AliExpress. 

“We finally got it sorted last night, and the Chevy badges are on the way from Guangzhou as we speak” he squawked, gleefully.