Supercars “Looking Into” Scott McLaughlin’s Wedding

Reports are coming in that Supercars are apparently investigating whether or not Scott McLaughlin’s wedding in California yesterday might have offended someone who isn’t married. 

Following a 2019 season where McLaughlin took back-to-back championships and a Bathurst victory despite concerted efforts by Supercars to stop him offending other drivers by driving faster than them, topping it off with a holiday in California and marrying his sweetheart has allegedly drawn the ire of Supercars, who are apparently fed up with someone having a good year while everyone makes fun of them for being pelicans. 

Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican told The Waterton Chronicle he is concerned that Scotty might have offended the likes of Scott Pye and Nick Percat by being simultaneously good at racing and also capable of speaking to a girl. 

“We feel like he’s just had too much of a good year to be honest” said the seabird. 

“It’s all a bit suspicious, so we’ll look into the whole situation and see if there’s anything we can do to make sure he stops being so successful” continued Paulie.