Valentino Rossi Hired As Vettel’s Driver Coach

After having a go in Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car today, which he only managed to spin three times, and got within 1.5s of Hamilton’s best lap, Ferrari have reportedly hired the MotoGP wizard to help Vettel keep the car on the track and facing the right direction next year. 

It’s a bit of a surprising move, considering Rossi has only done a handful of laps over the years and Vettel is a four-time world champion, but Ferrari are apparently desperate to find a way to stop Vettel ruining races with silly spins every time he has to actually race someone. 

Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto told The Waterton Chronicle Rossi will start by having a stern but fair conversation with Vettel about what it would mean to him if he managed to get through a race without unnecessarily dropping it or putting it in the barrier. 

“From there, Valentino will move on to getting Seb to visualise getting through an entire race weekend without facing backwards or putting it in the tyres.” he explained. 

“Once Seb has nailed that, we’ll start working on things like being able to go wheel-to-wheel with other cars without crashing into them.” he added.